October 28, 2011

Tricks . . .

This is Jan Blomgrem's favorite week of the year when Halloween is just around the bend and the competition arises to see who can come up with the best tricks. In the past Jan has stashed everything from plastic limbs and severed hands in the old carrot patch to stuffed rats and critters in our bins of unprocessed veggies. The skunk in this picture was part of a season long problem with the real thing lurking around our barns and occationaly getting its hands on a garbage can, so you can probably imagine what we all thought when we walked in on this stuffed little guy. Laughs and kudos to Jan. Thought she didn't get me with this one, I was stunned by the scarecrow in the outhouse who didn't say anything when I knocked. That got everyone! I wish we had a camera to record our faces.

Only days away is our annual costume party and we take it very seriously. No one tells what they are going as and the evening is filled with amazing actors who battle for prizes on best costume and actor. Look for pictures this weekend.


  1. The scarecrow got me good, it was dressed way too much like a chucker! This year's Halloween is setting up to be of epic proportions...

  2. Can. not. wait. for costume party pictures.