The Crew



12 year veteran

There's nothing like having a boss that gets right into the dirty, hard work with the rest of the crew. From the first year you work at Windflower, you'll be idolizing the kind of boss he is. He said once that he lets his wife, Jan, do the worrying for him and that's why he's usually relaxed. And he never fails to put full faith in us even when the task seems impossible. We're all so confident that he's confident in us, therefore morale is always high on Windflower.


5 year veteran

My sister and the morale officer of the farm. She's always delivering the positive news to Ted even after a tough day. I'd say her official talent is watering which takes tremendous patience. Her skills also transfer to the packing shed where she proves counting and talking can be done at the same time.



4 year veteran

Official photographer both on the farm and off. Sara is the backup watering force, and a meticulous packer during harvest time. She keeps motivated even after clock-out time and will stay to finish a task if needed.


5 year veteran
Irish, therefore loves potatoes, and that includes, lifting, harvesting, hauling, washing, packing, and eating them. Water never bothers him, even in November, so he inevitably gets the washing jobs in the packing shed. In fact, short-sleeved shirts are always in season.


6 year veteran

Loves to write and so got the ironic job of making all the packing day labels. Never stops talking. Food is her favorite topic.


1 year veteran

"I'm from Vermont, so I'll do what I want." Nephew of Ted and Jan who hails from Brattleboro. Inherited the weed-wacker genes from Jan's side and loves tractor work.


4 year veteran
One of the most upbeat personalities on the farm. He comes a bit early to make us coffee, then sings his favorite tunes all morning long. We call it Aidan FM. He may not love it, but he is our most proficient path mower. (When the mower isn't broken)


son of Ted

He joins us in the barn for some good old veggie washing whenever he's not baking us cookies with his brother. Jake is quite the imaginative sort, a classic homeschooler with interest in dazzling the crew with the newest stuff he learns. He's going for the Viking look this year, but you'll have to see the pictures in the blog if you want a peek.


4 year veteran
On and off, she has come to Windflower after spending some time working on farms in Europe. Her specialty is direct seeding with the tractor and irrigation.


5 year veteran

She enjoys making paper cranes in her spare time and loves gnomes.


4 year vereran

He can take one step while you take three. He's tall. Known particularly for being more nerdy than Daren when it comes to intellectual discussions. Now he's attending college in Connecticut. And he can throw his whistle. It's cool and scary cause it sounds like Ted is coming every time he does it.


4 year veterans


The ceremonial “grandpa” of the farm, Ezequiel is best known for dispensing his folk wisdom to the rest of us. In the off-season home in Mexico, he manages his own farm where he grows corn and owns horses and donkeys. His favorite word is “chingadera,” which translates as “whatchamacallit,” his universal term for the many gizmos that litter the farm.


One of Ezequiel’s sons, he’s in his 40s and has his own large family of six children. He also operates his own corn farm, which his son manages in his absence. Martin is best known for his colorful Spanish vocabulary he’s taught us, including pinche, cabron, pinche cabron, and other creative mixes of the same. He is the master, without a doubt, of backing up tractors with hitches, and the recognized consultant on all things Spanish.


Ezequiel’s son-in-law, married to his daughter Candelaria. Salvador is the top transplanter driver of the farm, though Victoria, and now Aaron are competing closely. In his spare time he likes to exercise (crazy, right?) riding a bike or hunting rabbits. Back in Mexico, he likes to do much the same, hunting jackrabbits and turkey in the hills of Mexico.


Ezequiel’s daughter and Salvador’s wife. She is a serious cook, often supplying the whole farm crew with awesome homemade tamales and other treats. She and Salvador have four children, who normally stay with their grandmother in Mexico. However, this year we’re all excited because they applied for and got a family visa to bring their kids with them! They’ll all be much happier now that they can stay together, and we look forward to meeting them soon.