November 4, 2011

Night in Valhala

The sun began to set, the fires were lit, and our greenhouse-turned-meade hall suddenly filled with characters of every sort. Mugs of homemade brew were toted about in Jan's amazing theme of a Viking great hall. Everything from an Ent to executioner, cowboy and mosquito with vials of different blood-types arrived for the food and festivities. Thor himself made an appearance for the night, as he is a friend of Windflower. The white owl at his side was my favorite costume of the evening.

Oddly, most of the crew this season had some sort of brewing project happening in their home. Aaron and Adam made hard cider and meade, Daren brought some wild grape wine, and I had a few bottles of ale aging at home. I did manage to cork and prepare a bottle of apple wine for the party, needless to say, we had plenty to drink. It's hard to say why everyone suddenly had an interest in brewing. Either we were all really happy, a bunch of alcoholics, or depressed. (I was happy, for the record, and wanted to try something different. I'll blog about it later.)

Now, for pictures!


  1. So. Amazing. You guys weren't kidding about going all out! That mosquito is INCREDIBLE!

  2. Well done, everyone. Aidan and what I assume must be Daren are terrifying.

  3. Yes, I was. An out-of-work exceutioner (you know, the recession and all) trying to drum up business! Complete with brochures and coupons..."Divine Monarchy? God got it wrong, we'll make 'em gone!"