October 14, 2011

Day Two: New York City

My favorite moment so far was today when I ventured into a store that I believed would be the little bit of familiarity since I shop there at my local mall, but it turned out to be five levels with dozens of departments in which I couldn't even find a pair of tights. I laughed every time I asked for directions because I was asking for directions inside a building. Other than that, I've enjoyed mochas and almond danishes at the Penny House Cafe on Washington st. In Brooklyn. Coffee is definitely better in the city. And what's this about Ramen bars? I love it! We make fun of Ramen up in the countryside. It costs 12 cents a package and we eat it when there's nothing else! I want to eat at one just to say that I did.

Tonight we had a gathering at Bar Sepia with several of the CSA members and were able to chat and enjoy some mixed drinks while experiencing a little Brooklyn night life. Eventually the party moved to Johanna's place and her little backyard was filled with guitars and drumming and the Brooklyn beer we've come to love. Tomorrow I'm holding a salsa making workshop for shareholders, so I have to get some sleep.

More adventures tomorrow!

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