October 12, 2011

Traveling to New York City

It felt like a long day at work anticipating our now annual trip to the city. There was talk of the things we would do, of the items we still needed to pack, and that tid-bit of planning everyone had held off until the last day. Now here we are snuggly set into the back of our bus headed down into Brooklyn. I'm excited to see what the city will look like when come upon in the dark. Will I be able to see it from a distance with all the lights slowly trading places with the stars or will it come out of nowhere like a flashing sign?

Daren brought a whole library of books that he ended up sharing with most of us. I picked through one that I've wanted to buy, but decided to look at first. It's about growing grain on a small scale, particularly organic, and so far I've liked what I've read. I only own an acre of land, but if I could grow grain for my chickens, some for bread and a little for beer, that would be fun. Enough talk of the country, I need to get into the city mindset for the next few days in order to protect my sanity. New York is so overwhelming for me and its not the subways or directions I must learn to follow, its the sound that is never quiet. Where I live I prefer to listen to everything because its like a heartbeat or pulse telling you that things are alive and what exactly is alive. One engine roar in a field can tell you who is coming or going and why. It's a hunter mentality. . . knowing the land around you and the sounds it makes. The city makes my mind tired. Tired from trying to understand something with thousands of heartbeats all at once.

Just an hour and a half to go before our arrival. See you in New York.


  1. I really understand about listening to the world around you. I live full time in NY and do the same thing. I always know what is going on around me and I don't wear anything in my ears when I am on the street because I like to hear and analyse it all. I never thought of it as being a hunter, for me it is curiosity

  2. You are the perfect inspiration for a character in my novel. Reading your comment created a complete persona in my mind, the kind I'd like to give to a character if mine who comes to live in NYC. Someone awake to their surroundings versus resigned to their own little world of one, which is how people seem to look while on the subway or stopped at a street corner.