July 13, 2010

Just Another Day . . .

Things change from year to year on Windflower, but the scenery is priceless no matter what. I can't describe what it's like to walk in every morning and glance at the caterpillar tunnels up on the hill. A quick photo is all I can post, and the clouds scream to be noticed instead.

Its the things you least expect that catch your attention.
Seas of row cover, every pathway, tractor road; the symmetry of our lunchtime retreat to the barn.

What you can't see beyond the frames of these pictures is what make Windflower so beautiful, and this blog is only a snippet of the memories and laughs, labor and satisfaction. It doesn't show all that we do, nor the acreage that our farmland covers, but it's a taste of how good life can get.


  1. hi all-beautiful windflower photos! just a quick note that the most recent batch of scallions help up fantastically! (no wilting). that officially makes me 100% satisfied! thank you all for everything that you do and everything that you give of yourselves to care for that land and grow beautiful harvests. i feel very lucky to be a part of it...truly.

    johanna t.

  2. Amen to the beauty!

    Recently, to beat the heat, we've started some mornings at 6, and that's when the fog is still clinging to the hillsides on Windflower. Some of my favorite mornings are cutting through the mists in the tractor, and that's when I'm glad I get to work outdoors.

    A funny thing- I've been cultivating our potatoes for the past couple months now, and every time this Red-Winged Blackbird joins me because of the upturned soil and the food it gives for him. It's funny, as I finish each row, he's behind me attacking the freshly revealed grubs. Cultivating is a lonely business sometimes, but he always joins me for potatoes...I think he needs a name.