July 25, 2010

Camping Weekend

Last weekend some of the crew headed up to the neighbor's back fields and camped out for the night. No pictures can describe the view of the entire Hudson River Valley all the way to the Vermont mountains. Windflower looked so small tucked in the trees and fog. See that distant ridge? It's Vermont!

So we made our fire, cooked some dinner, laughed and told stories while we played a game. Then, the guitar came out and got passed around for finger pickin' and song. It was a late night, keeping cozy by the big rocks surrounding the fire pit. They seemed to make a safe haven in the dark field where we could watch the stars dodge the clouds or hear the thunder off to the west.

Morning dragged us from the tents or ground, where scones and honey-butter waited with strong coffee. Later some of us went crawdadin' in a local river for a midday snack.

Can't wait for the city camping weekend! See ya in August!

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