July 30, 2010

Jake's Gig!

So, we were all at Jitter's Cafe on friday night, sipping coffee and cheering Jake on as he sang and played his guitar. The song that he wrote had great lyrics inspired by his recent reading of Walden Pond. There was a line about throwing things away jut so we could buy more, and I realized that it defined Jake really well. He's the only soul I know who can say those words without guilt. There isn't much more than what he needs stashed in his dwelling, and even that get's shared with a squirrel or two.

Someone should record this guy . . .


  1. hi victoria and daren,

    can you send me your e-mail addresses to johanna.thomsen@gmail.com? i would love to pick a weekend and start planning the farm crew exchange.

    thanks so much!

  2. Johanna- will do.

    Victoria- Ha, not to sprain my wrist heaving myself to the bandwagon, but you're right, he's the real deal. He really has had to share a lot with at least one squirrel, which went on record for demolishing a good part of a 24-pack of Ramen.

    PS- I liked the song too. Thoreau would be proud.

  3. Sorry to clog with comments-

    Johanna, let me know if my email got to you, my email frizzed out just as I sent it, though my account shows it as having been successfully sent. I don't trust it though.

    Hasta nos vemos

  4. Hi Daren and Victoria,

    Hopefully you got my e-mail about the exchange. I hope we can make it work!

    All the best,

  5. Got your e-mail and am working to discuss plans with those of the crew who are interested. You'll hear from me soon!