July 27, 2010

Early Morning Planting

I've not seen too many sunrises in years past. Not on Windflower nor from my own window. I'm not exactly a morning person, but out of necessity, 6am has been the starting time of choice. It's just been too hot for all the afternoon work.

For a few mornings Daren, Sara and I set to planting some broccoli in the back fields using the two person planter. Though Daren can drive, I got elected the job and so thoroughly enjoyed the new music on my MP3 player. Eight hours of it though . . . it's such a slow-going job doing any planting at all. The pictures show about sixty seconds of driving. Hoorah for Daren who planted all three rows at 0.2 mph by himself just we could get the shots.

I'll admit that the memory is firmly planted as something worth keeping a while. Daren grabbed some red raspberries while I was off getting a water refill in the tanks and tried to trick me into thinking that the smear all over his arm was blood. Unsuccessful. I think I know him too well. But I did have to stare for a moment before figuring it out. How else are we supposed to make memories? We could have desk jobs and miss all the misty mornings and iced coffees in our tractor cupholders. That's how we know we love what we do.


  1. hi windflower folks!

    i loved the last 2 posts. the camping overnight looks like it was wonderful. although darren, i'd be concerned in that camouflage should anyone in the group go woodchuck hunting on the fly...

    i am going to link to the corkboard in today's prospect heights CSA blog, along with a little entry about my fantastic visit with all of you! hopefully you'll get some new city hits, and i am already counting down to my next visit out for the big end-of-august all-CSA's trip!

    happy farming!

  2. http://prospectheightscsa.org/

    it's up! more city comments to come!

    johanna t.

  3. Hey, I read your article on the Prospect Heights site! Glad you enjoyed seeing the process, it's quite a bit of fun to know (and we do very personally) what goes into a vegetable's growth...

    Ha, don't worry, we've already established an "Identify your target" rule for firearms usage, it's pretty necesary out here in the country. It's funny you mentioned the woodchuck, because we used to joke that you should not have a feverish or delirious person on woodchuck-shooting duty, or they may conclude that woodchucks grew to over 5-foot tall and carried bins and knives around, gathering vegetables.

    Anyways, that's another farm story, we'll have more when you come up soon! Just in case it's not known at the site, the Washington County Fair is quite the big affair around here, so we are looking forward to it probably more so than those who've never been to it. Your guys' visit will be a blast.

    Happy city-dwelling!

  4. I'm sitting outside the town library with my laptop checking emails, about to start a 6am Friday transplanting day! I thought it'd be cool to give an early-morning shout out.-

    General farm news- Jake the Elder is playing tonight at a local cafe, farm peons are going en masse to single-handedly to put the cafe's budget in the black for the next two months...reports may follow.

    Take care folks-

  5. Thanks for promoting us, we'd love to chat with anybody that wonders about where their veggies come from.

    P.S. I learned that Daren didn't actually plant all three rows while Sara took the picture. Maybe two though. Maybe . . . ask him.

  6. One and a half to two, nothing heroic, I'll admit it.