September 22, 2011

Recipe Challenge #1

Chard and seafood . . . we had no idea it would be this hard. Well, next week it'll be time to knuckle down and start cooking. I've recently upgraded my life to a smart phone and was able to look up the recipes suggested while we all sat at lunch. There were some funny faces and uncertain expressions, but that's the point. Naturally, two of the most feared vegetables have appeared in the challenged recipes. Look out for our photos and comments next week!


  1. Don't be afraid of the eggplant! I just ate some of the baba tonight and it was delicious and not eggplant-y.

  2. I eat most of the veggies but I'm with you on the chard. I like most of the hearty greens (kale & I are buddies) but chard is almost never good...