April 30, 2011

What the Hail?

We have redefined the "h" word on Windflower, and this last week of rainy, thundering weather is a reminder to all that language like that is banned until the danger season passes over us. It seems that every year once we begin to plant stuff in the ground that some size h@!L falls. I find it ironic that the word carries similar meaning to the word it mimics.

The rain itself has brought severe flooding to nearby areas. Luckily, Windflower is on higher ground, but a town to our west has houses on the riverside that are likely using boats to get to their front doors. It's quite a sight. The baseball field and park were flooded, too. When I drove by, they had just opened the road again.

Next week looks like a rainy one also, so it's gonna be a messy planting time. Be sure to add your vote to the poll at the end of the page so we know what to plant more of!

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