April 22, 2011

Spring is Sprouting

Happy Spring everyone!

Windflower Farm is up and running with most of the crew back for chilly mornings of seeding, potting-on, and schlepping (yes, it's a word). There are two High Tunnels the size of what you see here just filled with little plants popping up, not to mention the greenhouse holding all the tomatoes and things that like it nice and hot.

We've been spoiling ourselves with coffee and baked goods-even some homegrown popcorn- to keep warm while we work, and it feels good to be back after a winter of down time and cold. It amazes me that Daren made it through a whole winter season working in the cold to pack the winter shares and shovel snow from the tunnels. Not something I could do. The winter is too cold for me.

By next week the weather should begin to cooperate and we can get the broccoli, cabbage, and some herbs into the ground. Transplanting season is my favorite time of year. And it puts Sunday drivers to shame. If you ever get a chance to sit back and watch the slow, thirty minute trek of the tractor as it goes 300 yards you'll understand what I mean. Hey, maybe it's more like driving through NYC traffic . . . if so, I might stand a chance driving in the city.

Potting-on = taking small plants from their initial seeded tray and planting them "on" into the next size of our transplant trays so they can establish a larger root system.


  1. welcome back everyone! so happy to see the corkboard back in action! even happier that i am going to be seeing you all so soon! (victoria, shall we talk this weekend and officially pick our first weekend?) YAY WINDFLOWER!

  2. Yes, so excited to hear from you and see things are getting started!

  3. Yes, we should definitely talk. July is looking more promising if we want more Windflower worker involvement.

  4. Gah, good to see pictures! Missin the life there when I see this. Especially the thought of coffee and baked goods! Could go for some of that right now. Hope everyone is awesome.
    -Jake the Elder