May 17, 2011

Rainy Days

Storms have been rolling in for weeks now making the days cold and the nights rainy. In the hill field that we call Mary Jane's it's easy to see the clouds moving across the countryside even if they don't bring us a drop of rain. When it is raining in the town next to us, you can see a sheer wall of grey mist being dragged over the horizon. It makes for dreary days doing tunnel work, like planting peppers or tomatoes or weeding.

Unfortunately, we couldn't escape the dreaded form of precipitation. The largest hail we've ever had fall on Windflower (at least in our years) came crashing while we strung tomatoes in a high tunnel. It wasn't wind-driven, but it dented some things up pretty good, like cars and roofs.

Daren was amused . . . and amusing.

Thankfully, Ted was worried enough about the rainy weather that he wanted to leave all the crops covered for a while longer. Not that row cover can stop giant hail, but it helped. There wasn't much damage to crops that we could see. The high tunnels had bulls-eyes all over the plastic though.

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