December 14, 2010

Ah, Winter . . .

Well, here comes that part of the year when my motivation slows to the pace of freezing molasses. I cozy up by the woodstove with my cat and read a good book, write one of my own, or dig out all those hobby projects I've been telling myself I'll do as soon as I have the time.

The rush is over in a sense. Wreath orders have ceased, the farm is accumulating snow that Daren has to shovel, but NOT ME! Trust me, I have my own snow to shovel. Making a path to the chicken coop is plenty to start my morning, though right now it's just four inches of snow. Everyone from Windflower is slowly creeping toward hibernation mode as well. We gathered for a Christmas party a few days ago to swap gifts, divvy out cookies and play a few games or catch up. It was good to see the crew together again, because you never know who will be back the following year or not.

Since Windflower itself is quiet right now, I'd like to try and highlight the things we are up to this wintry season. Jake the Elder is off to Australia and will report back with tales of his adventures, Aidan hits the ski slopes as a winter job, and the rest is yet to be announced.

Winter Project List:

~ spin my own yarn
~ felt the bag I knitted last year :)
~ work up courage to send query letters to agents
~ make my own marshmallows
~ eat cookies
~ write

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