October 9, 2010

It's Been a While . . .

I know I haven't been posting much here this month, but Daren is supposed to add things once in a while, I so guess I was staging sort of a strike. Nothing personal against our wonderful one follower! Aside from all the chaos at work, like digging potatoes and gathering 900ft of accidentally plowed-up turnips, I've had a little spark of inspiration lately that's kept me occupied. In between work hours and canning any veggies I can get my hands on, (Try homemade ketchup, it's amazing) late nights and general lack of internet have made me scarce. Writing a blog is quite new to me, though I've always loved writing, and late nights make me crazy. If I get up for a drink of water at any hour between falling asleep and waking, then I have vivid, odd dreams. The last one gave me the best idea for my next novel, and therefore, no Victoria for a while. Once it all comes out, I'll fall into normal again, then go into the depressing phase of agent rejections. That's why I plan to enjoy the writing binge. Sorry faithful follower. Until next time. And see you soon! I'm sure I'll stuff to blog about after the trip.


  1. Make that at least two followers!

    (And probably more than that)

  2. Matt! We love you! That shirt you wore to the farm has made you famous.

  3. Oh yeah! I was trying to remember which one Matt was (hi Matt!). In my little brain-world, you're Winsconsin-Mom-Shirt-Guy. I'll try to learn "Matt" though, it's a bit shorter, more economical, haha.