September 7, 2010

Farm Formal

Tired of work and dirty clothes everyday? The farm grind goes on all season; rain, shine, cold, sweaty hot heat or wind. There comes a time to trade in those workboots for high heels, and old jeans for finer threads.

The barn loft was hoppin', with music, games, and food as everyone arrived in their finest gowns, suits, and tuxedos. It's a yearly event here on Windflower. (Look closely . . . I wore pink and you'll never see it on me again.)

Mack's flapper girl dress was super fun and crazy, and Aidan got a great drum group started. We kept everyone up past midnight, playing pool and dancing. I almost feel like we should be giving out awards or something.

Windflower is never quiet, we keep our weeks filled with work, and our weekends interesting with events and fun. To see more of what the crew is up to, be sure to checkout the up and coming calendar page.

1 comment:

  1. everyone is looking good! please tell daren that this is how we dress every day in prospect heights, brooklyn, so that he packs appropriately.

    see you in a month!!!