August 18, 2010

Adios Oren!

OREN is leaving us for the season, so here's what the crew has to say:

Dude, bye! Drink water, not urine! (you'll need to recall our lunchtime conversation to not be confused and appalled and distasted by this) Learn lots of Wesleyan things and stay cool as a cucumber in the cooler with the coolness turned up.
- Jake

Yo, Oren, so, washing station conversations are going to be slightly more boring without you around. And I'll vaguely miss constantly being challenged on nerdy topics that I can normally fake my way through. So, enjoy acruing college debt but have fun doing it! Hasta luego-
- Daren

Dear Oren,
Good job smelling great this year, and keep up with the magic deodorant, it works wonderfuly. I'll be waiting to see your inflatable flip-flops on the market. Have fun at school. Bye bye.

Gonna miss you here on the farm and sitting somewhat nearby the "cool table" at lunch. Have fun at college and be sure to keep wearing that sweet deodorant. Don't forget the hot peppers and tango!
- Naomi

Oren,been nice to know ya, gonna miss your geeky puns and oversized wit here on the farm. been nice to have you as both an employee and friend.
- Jacob

We're sorry to see you go; you've been an excellent worker and supplied us with excellent conversation and insight here on the farm. You're company will be sorely missed. Hopefully you have enjoyable adventures ahead of you! We hope you come back to us some day soon.
- The Blomgrens

Bye Oren! Have fun at college studying all those majors. I'll be safe from thinking that Ted is coming every time you whistle, and I expect some Tango lessons someday.


  1. Fail- the various Jacobs failed to identify themselves. The top was the Elder of Hampshire, bottom was the Lesser of York.

    Take it easy Oren! PS if you ever decide to hike the AT with your pack-goat, give me a call and I'll walk the Long Trail portion with you. I'm gonna try a pack-pig. Same idea, they'll eat whatever.

  2. hi all! so great to see you again! i don't know how much internet access jake has in his coop, but can you pass this along to him:

    other thoreau fans on the farm might enjoy it as well. my high school was in the next town over from concord, MA, and i was telling jake that one of my teachers had us rebuild thoreau's cabin to scale. this same teacher has been reading and transcribing thoreau's journals for years, and this site documents his journey. happy reading!

    -johanna t.