May 15, 2010

The Corkboard

It hangs in the greenhouse when we start our year, and then in the barn once we've uprooted for the harvest time. It's technically the center of our universe as cliche as that sounds, but what else could I say about the framed slab of cork that holds our time sheets, waves our paychecks in front of us, and collects all the pictures and notes about what the weekend has in store. If there's a job assignment for everyone, that's posted there as well, so the title for this blog seemed appropriate.

This is the corkboard on the web, serving the same function as the one hanging in our barn. Anyone who wants to know what's going on or have a glimpse at farm life can come here. It's something that ties people together and I'd even guess that anyone reading this has some coffee nearby. If not, get some and make this corkboard yours. Ask questions, leave us a note about city life (something we make conjectures about as if it were a different planet), or tell us your stories.

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